Feed was created by me, Rachael. For years I had this dream to leave the world of corporate marketing to help passionate, empathetic business owners find their voice, build their community and grow their impact.

I know how tricky it can be to communicate who you are or the change you want to see. And its bl**dy overwhelming being CEO, accountant, creative, HR manager – who’s got the time to add marketer to that list?

But you know finding your voice and communicating your vision isn’t that hard, in fact it’s pretty good fun and, guess what, its deeply fulfilling.

What can be better than understanding your tribe, creating products or services that you know they’ll adore and proudly telling the world.

To me Feed means nurture, grow, sustain and flourish. Nice words eh? That’s what I want for my business and life and its also what I want to help you achieve.

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