1:1 monthly marketing coaching & support

What if marketing didn’t feel like marketing anymore?
What if you could just show up as you, talk about the stuff that lights you up, and have people want to buy from you.
Imagine, knowing the right words to say and the right actions to take to make connections, attract clients, and bring in the cash – and it feeling really bloody good!

Sounds dreamy eh?

This is what I know about you…

You’re a phenomenal healer/coach/consultant.

The way you show up for clients knocks the socks off them and you’re super passionate about your craft. BUT, when it comes to turning that expertise, eloquence, and skill into communications it all goes a bit south – marketing feels heavy, too hard, too distracting, too scary, or just urgh.

Relax, you’re not supposed to be an expert at ‘marketing’

You’re an expert on you, the value you bring, the humans you want to help and how you help them. 

You know you want your business to bring you joy and a juicy income and you want to make sales with ease, care and integrity (yes, it is possible!)

That’s where I come in.  

Imagine what you and I could accomplish together?

You could become the biz owner that tunes out the marketing fluff and noise, leans into how she wants to build her biz and how to tell the world about your work in a way…

…that feels good, shows the best of you and makes it easy for people to find you!

I’m guessing if you’ve found your way here you’re feeling overloaded, anxious, confused AF or just burnt out by how to market your biz

In short, you know you need to be marketing but the day-to-day, what do I do, what do I say, what if I get it wrong, what if people judge me? is keeping you small, unseen, and broke. 

Maybe you’re scared to experiment in case you get ‘marketing wrong’ and look daft.

You dabble in creating content & posting on social, but just not doing it with any great oomph and it’s exhausting/ frustrating.

You promise yourself this is the week you’ll show up and share your message but what the heck to say that hasn’t been said before? 

You feel disconnected from your website and the content you share. You’ve moved on but your message hasn’t.

You know what to do, but for some reason you’re just not doing it – it feels too hard/scary/time-sucky.

Your palms sweat and you spout nonsense when someone asks you what you do.

You quake at the thought of showing up and standing out –  ‘what will people think’?

You look at others creating amazing content, and wonder how the heck they find the time. How do they fit marketing into their day?

The idea of dancing on IG reels and showing up allthetime on social makes you feel nauseous.

If the thought of figuring all this messaging and marketing stuff out on your own makes you want to run, hide and get a proper job.

Please don’t.

You just need confidence, clarity and a co-creator (that’s me!)

It doesn’t matter where you are in your business life – a newbie or more established, I would love to be your guide.  

During our time together…

I’ll help you see yourself in a way you’ve never seen yourself before, how your unique skills, value and experience converge to create a one-of-a-kind business. 

We’ll find the golden thread that connects the work you do to the kind of people you want to attract and what they are care, think about, and feel.

We’ll co-create messages that call in those people and make them feel seen, heard and ready to work with you.

We will dig deep into how you connect with your people — through your content strategy, website messaging, in your emails to prospects, your PMs, questionnaires, social media posts and newsletters.

We’ll work through your day-to-day activity and build a roadmap to get people to your digital front door via authentic connections and relationship building.

And here’s my vision for you…

You’ll find confidence in your you-ness & feel totally at home sharing what’s new, interesting, different about your biz

You’ll have a deeper understanding of your people and just know how to help them, heal them or simply brighten their day. 

You’ll discover your voice, your unique point of view, and how to use it to create useful, shareable content – no more staring at a blank page!

You’ll know you can market your biz in a way that feels good, does good and works!  

You’ll feel reassured, cos you have someone at your side to help you get super clear on how to communicate the amazing work you do (and create a future-fit marketing plan)

How does it work?

→ Twice-monthly calls with me to work on the nuts and bolts of growing your visibility and attracting best-fit clients. I’m here for you to run things by, look things over for you, brainstorm with you and generally be a thinking partner for you as you navigate your marketing journey.

→ There is a minimum commitment of 3 months but once that’s over, you can stay with me as long as you like or you can cancel any time. 

The Logistics:

→ Two 60 minute sessions per month 

→ On the spot-coaching for emergencies (this is where we might hop on for 20 minutes to troubleshoot between sessions)

→ Minimum commitment of 3 months (so we can get some traction from your efforts!).

The Investment:

→ £400 per month

Interested? Book in for a free 45min taster session and let’s get to know each other a lil better (no strings, no hard sell, no obligation x)

My goal is for you to…


Confidently create messages, content & offers that get your perfect-fit clients thinking ‘how does she know what I need?’


Unleash your inner marketing maven, able to create marketing material that feels good, does good


Effortlessly connect with your clients on a deeper level to build long-lasting relationships (& tons of referrals!)

Rachael helped me to see myself through a different set of eyes. She helped me pull out the very best of myself and highlight it in my brand messaging. Her patient and intuitive guidance helped me to have several breakthroughs that I didn’t even realize I needed! I now know how I can stand out and be myself in my business.

Telyse Adams, Creative Strategist