Uncover Your Niche

I bet you’ve heard all the stories about why you should find a niche for your biz, right? 

And, you get it.  Intellectually it makes sense;  I mean you wouldn’t want your gynecologist performing brain surgery would you? 

But, up until now you’ve done a good job of ignoring the ‘the riches are in the niches’ message – it just feels too hard, too time-consuming, and if you’re honest, too darn uncomfortable:

  • What if I pick the wrong niche?
  • What if I change my mind?
  • What if my service is for everyone?
  • What if it constrains me?

I hear you.

I had these fears myself. 

But I reckon, like me, you have a big itch to become KNOWN, to make a difference in people’s lives, to have the courage to SHARE your message, ATTRACT the kind of clients you want to work with and SELL out your programs. 

If you’ve fought this niching thing for a while, but are finally realising you need to deal with it.  I can help.

In 90 mins with me, we can

  • Unclog your head gunk so you can get clearer on WHO you want to help, WHY you want to help and HOW you help them
  • Burn those niching myths and reframe them so you’re ready to take action
  • Brainstorm ideas and ways to get you discovering and connecting with your ideal clients
  • Propel you forward with clear focus and solid steps

 I can promise you’ll leave with way more clarity on your gifts, your story, the types of people you’re best placed to help, and practical actionable ways to get you out there and connecting with your niche. 

If you’re ready to…

Move past niching fears and zero in on your ideal client (even if it scares the crap out of you)

Get out of your head and into the doing (your clients won’t fall into your lap m’friend)

Test out your marketing message in the wild (and have a bloody good time doing so)


Before we met I was feeling fuzzy about my message, how to share it with those I meet and communicate it on my website.  Rachael clarified all of that in our call and gave me lots to work with. I appreciated how she framed things and it felt very supportive.  I now feel like I can state more clearly what I do.

Here’s how this works…

Grab a 90min slot on my schedule

Pay £150 via PayPal & answer the pre-call Qs

We meet via zoom: you talk, I listen and we uncover gold!