Not sure how the heck to start promoting your business?

Read on m’friend…

Marketing your business shouldn’t be a drag or leave you feeling all second-hand car salesman-like.
Modern marketing is fun, fulfilling and all about building genuine relationships with your customers, ones that benefit you both!

So, three simple steps to get you off the marketing starting blocks:
Know yourself
Why do you do what you do? Why are you different to others in the same space as you? And why should people buy from you?
I know, a lot of why’s!
But answering these questions is crucial to understanding what makes your business so darn good and how you can build empathy and authority with your ideal customers.

Know your customers
Who are your ideal customers? What ticks them off or turns then on? What value do you give to them?
To grow you have to know your customers. Marketing to everyone is a waste of time, energy and money. But once you’re clear on who needs you and how you solve their problems you can connect, build trust and make sales.

Tell their story
Newsflash: no one cares about your business or what you sell. They care about what you do for them.
So, turn the spotlight onto your customer and every time you post on social, send an email or go to a networking event, talk how you understand their pains and how you solve their problems.

This is modern marketing. It’s super simple but mighty powerful.

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