The scariest five words for an entrepreneur? So, what do you do? 

This innocent question can leave you sweaty-palmed and flustered, scrabbling around for the perfect words that make you…

  1. sound like you know what you’re talking about
  2. leave the right impression.

It’s a big ole question, and one I struggled with for months. I even stopped going to networking events and small business meetups cos I was fretting about being asked to put words to the swirling whirling thoughts in my head.  (That is until a wise business buddy reminded me I was missing out on loads of opportunities to connect with like-minded people, build my network and meet potential clients. Aha)

Messaging is not easy

It’s messy and ever-changing; it evolves and grows as you (and your business) do. So, why bother getting clear on how to communicate what you’re all about? 

Because m’lovelies, a clear message consistently delivered throughout your marketing, PR, advertising, and conversations leads to more followers, fans and clients.

YOUR biz needs people to know what the heck you stand for

what you can do for them and

why you’re brilliant at what you do!

Plus, YOU need to feel the confidence that comes with knowing what to say, where and how to say it. No more posting random sh*t on facebook or staring at a blinking cursor waiting for inspiration to strike. 

Where to start?

Relax, there’s no need to sound like a robot when you’re delivering your core message. Keep it casual, relaxed, and easy – make it sound natural, like talking to a mate.  Ditch those I do X for Y templates and try this more conversational approach.

You know how …….. (insert your ideal client here)

Struggle with …….. (their issue or concern relating to your industry)

Well, I do/help/teach …….. (what you actually do)

So they …….. (the big results they get)

This is my core message:

You know how many entrepreneurs struggle to attract clients and grow their business?  Well, I help them get clear on the right words and messages to say to build their marketing confidence, attract the right people, and become known as the go-to expert. 

Sounds so much like something you’d actually say, doesn’t it?

Here’s another example from a client:

You know how many women struggle with niggling pain and anxiety as they enter menopause?  I teach them techniques to improve their mood and strengthen their bodies so they keep pain-free and feel more positive about the changes in their lives. 

Your go…

Try it out, draft a few versions, and if you hit a blank, check out any testimonials you have or client intake forms. You’re looking to understand what your clients were struggling with before working with you and what big results they desired. And most importantly look for the language they use. No holding space or live your best life my therapist friends!

(Haven’t got any idea what your clients think and feel? Read here on how easy – and hugely important – it is to conduct market research)

It s a good idea to have 2 or 3 different statements. Practice saying these out loud to at least 5 ideal clients and ask for their feedback. Do they…

a) get it, do they recognise themselves in your statement? Did they get the results you talk about? 

b) is it memorable, can they repeat it back to you (or at least the gist of it)

c) are you using words they get and, importantly, use?

Once you have this feedback keep tweaking and testing your statement until you hear positive comments, like, ‘That sounds just like me, or my friend needs that!’ 

And remember, don’t be shy! The more you tell people what you do the easier it will become, so keep spreading the word!

I’d love to hear your core message, heck I may even be able to help you rewrite it. Drop me an email and let’s get co-creating!