When you’re just starting out, the best thing you can for your biz is dig into YOU.

Sounds difficult, uncomfortable, and time-consuming?  It is, but oh my it’s the best thing you can do for you and your future prosperity.


If like me you spent much of your adult life defined by a job title, a to-do list, and other people’s measures of success, then you excel at working to rule, toning down your quirks, and squeezing yourself into boxes that don’t necessarily fit.

But, these habits that helped you succeed in your 9-5, ain’t always that useful on the outside. Cos the best business and brands are built on the edges; they’re opinionated, interesting, quirky, thought-provoking, and totally authentic.

And if you’re reading this I’m guessing this is the biz you want to build?

But before I give you some how-tos. Let’s first dig into what you’re up to now. I see many new business owners looking outside themselves to create their own model. They:

  • Spend hours on Google looking at what others are doing, then cobbling together a lite version of someone else’s work.
  • Say yes to everyone and everything that comes along cos you’re not sure what to focus on or who to work with.  
  • Download all the freebies and courses in the hope that this will be the one that sparks inspiration and gives ultimate clarity on your biz.
  • Borrow other expert’s words to use in bio’s, website copy, and getting all flustered when someone asks ‘what you do?’ 
  • Engage in random acts of marketing – aka posting haphazardly on social or leaving half-finished blogs languishing on desktops.
You know if any of these resonate, there’s no judgment or shame – this was me! 

I think it’s bloody important to get inspiration from others and have a feel for what’s possible for you. But, sometimes this search for inspiration can tip over into plagiarism. Which, let’s be frank, isn’t the sort of behavior your ma would approve of. Not only that, but always looking outside for answers is totally exhausting, it can stymie your creativity, and most of all feels pretty crappy!

But, don’t fret, there is another way, let’s get you unboxed ???? 

Getting yourself unboxed gives you the freedom and confidence to create a business that is all you! A biz that that feels easy, is comfortable and fulfilling. 

So, what can you do to start putting more YOU in your biz?
Ask yourself some meaty Qs like these:

1. How does my experience or story help me do what I do? And how does it benefit my clients?
I work with a lot of people who got cheesed off by the 9-5 life and set up a biz,  they know I can totally relate to their experiences of burnout and feeling out of sync.

2. What cheeses me off about my industry? And what can I create that is counter to that?
The majority of freebies I downloaded from marketing experts were useless! All what, why and no HOW.  It drove me crazy and I vowed to create content that is practicable and actionable. 

3. What four/five words would clients or friends use to describe me? And how can I put more of that in my business?
My words: Authentic, Quirky, Supportive, Questioning, Fun. These adjectives are the backbone of how I express myself, the work I create, and the experiences I want clients to have with me. 

4. Why do clients hire you? (Look at testimonials or feedback you’ve had. If you’re not sure, email your last 3 clients and ask them why you –  if it was via a referral what did the person doing the referring say about you?)
After doing this exercise I realised people came to me because I offered emotional support, as well as marketing advice  – I’m now focusing on incorporating confidence coaching into my work. 

5. What’s weird, cool or interesting about you? Fun facts that tell your people a little bit more about you and make you even more relatable. 
One of my clients is a yoga teacher, a CLUMSY yoga teacher! She attracts people who are fed up with Instagram images of perfectly balanced Yogi’s on a mountain! She teaches real yoga for real (clumsy) women!

Your turn. Take 15 mins to brainstorm answers to the above Qs.

And when you’re done, add them to your marketing playbook, like this…

1. Use your story (and how it relates to your ideal market) on your about page, in your bios, in content. It shows empathy and credibility – the most important qualities we want in our experts!
2. Use your frustrations as inspiration to create something different or talk about how you’re different from others.  Chances are if it p*sses you off it will p*ss your people off too.
3. Use your unique qualities when you’re suffering from comparisonitis – no one has the same set of characteristics as you, wrapped up in the experiences you have. No-one! (Bonus: think about how your unique gifts can show up in your business)
4. What’s interesting, different, or unique about you, whats uncopyable about you? Knowing this helps you differentiate and stand out from others. Use this gold in your core message, on your website, or when someone asks you what you do.
5. Use your ‘weird’ as a basis for a blog post, or a live. Share with your audience something totally off the wall about you; it lifts you out of the virtual world and makes you much more rounded, interesting and human!

I know unboxing yourself feels a bit scary and difficult.

But so is the alternative. Getting lost in a sea of sameness, never attracting the people who really light your fire and not creating the work you’re meant to do? That feels way scarier to me than adding a bit of vulnerability or personality into what you create and how you communicate.

And, y’know there are big rewards that come with creating something totally unique – renewed vigour, confidence, more ease, and way more clarity, plus, the inevitable abundance that follows doing joyful, important work.

Not bad for a bit of navel-gazing and soul-searching, eh? ????