“I can’t seem to come up with new content ideas. How do you do it?”

It’s a refrain I hear an awful lot and my answer is pretty simple:

You have tons of ideas in your head, you just don’t

a) remember them

b) think they’re much kop

So many business owners – newbies and oldies think they haven’t got anything to say and that’s bunkum! Don’t underestimate your expertise, knowledge, or brilliance. (Even if you are just starting out – there is always someone who needs to hear what you have to say)

Share it with these 3 steps:

1. After every 121 call with a client, conversation with a business buddy, or networking session spend 10 minutes jotting down what was discussed, what your client asked, and IMPORTANTLY, what was your take on it – what was your solution to your client’s issue or your thoughts on the hot topic.

2. Add your ideas into a note-taking app on your phone or laptop – I use Google Keep and Trello.

3. Content time: before opening up a blank google doc or going live on social, head to your content idea store and start writing, riffing around the ideas you’ve had.

Creating useful content is merely a process of clarity – YES, this thought does make sense – and confidence – YES, I do have something interesting/useful to say about this. But first, you have to pull the ideas out your head!

Try it for the next week. Take notes after every client meeting or group session and review, and then if you’re still stuck for ideas try it for another week!!

If you need any more help with getting those big and small content ideas out of your head and into your ideal clients, book in a no-strings, no-sell call with me.