Do you struggle with creating content on a regular basis? If so I’m chuffed to share how you too can get over the content blips and bursts and instead find a beautiful (& easy) rhythm. 

Creating a content rhythm was on my list of goals for evah, but for some reason, it became the business habit I couldn’t stick to. (Kinda like doing physio exercises – I know I need to do them but they’re sooo boring, and take up sooo much time! ????)

So, for me creating regular, wonderful, useful content was my bête noire – that thing I vehemently avoided doing (like physio or tax returns)

Until I started writing every day, sometimes for 15 minutes, sometimes for 90 mins. Sometimes it was sh*t, sometimes it wasn’t.  But this simple act of writing helped me to make sense of the swirling ideas inside my head, figure out what I was all about and how my thoughts could be a rallying call for others.

So let’s get real, what the heck is the point of generating new content?
Creating content doesn’t immediately bring new clients flocking (so if you’re Mr/Ms Immediate Gratification stop reading now ????)

  • BUT it does help to clarify your point of view
  • It does boost your confidence
  • It does make you realise you have something important to say
  • It does have a positive impact on your audience
  • It does boost your credibility
  • It does open the door to new opportunities.
It does all that, plus makes you flipping proud.
(And, has a ripple effect on other areas of your business. Since getting my content eye in, I’ve invited more clients to work with me, put myself forward for speaking gigs & increased my prices – confidence eh!)So if you’re curious to know how I got from procrastinating to producing and how you can too, read on…????????

It’s all thanks to Dani, The Quiet Marketer, and her fabulous Organise Your Message course. 

Dani’s simple four-step content process was a gamechanger for me!

  1. List 8 Challenges your clients experience
  2. List 8 Desires they have
  3. Draw the dots between the two
  4. Get writing
It really is that simple (which is why I ❤️ it)
But, like everything worthwhile in marketing it requires that you know and can empathise with your people, those you want to help.
If you’re struggling to get under the skin of your ideal client, this article on audience research will help hugely!!  
I presume you know your audience as well as you know your bestie?

If so, this how to go about generating fabulous content:

Step 1: Write 8 statements that reflect the issues your clients have before working with you  
(Example: my clients sit for hours staring at a blank screen trying to create content OR or they clam up & get flustered when asked ‘what do you do?’)

⭐ If you’re feeling stuck here have a look at past testimonials, emails you’ve had from clients and consider what they’re feeling, concerned about, unclear about, tired of, afraid of, or don’t know what to do

Step 2: Create 8 specific statements that reflect the results your clients crave. What do they want to do, know or have?

(Example: my clients want to have a waiting list of people, to be known as ‘the expert in x’ and have the right words and messages to use in their marketing)

⭐ If you’re feeling stuck, consider what they want, what knowledge they’re seeking, what are they searching for on Google and what questions are you always being asked.
Use statement openings like ‘they want to be able to’, ‘know that’, ‘ be clear on’, ‘have the confidence to, ‘create….’

Step 3a: Draw the dots.
Take each of the 8 ‘struggle’ statements and add the word ‘BECAUSE’ in front of each of them, then start free-writing

Here’s my example…

My clients are starting at a blank screen trying to create content BECAUSE

  • They’re overthinking. They feel positive & inspired, then their fear brain kicks in – they’re worried about being judged or questioned
  • They’re not sure what they think, they haven’t developed their perspective on the work they create or why they do things differently. 
  • They don’t know much about their audience, what they care about or have issues with. 

Step 3b: 
Once you’ve done the work above take a look at your 8 ‘desire’ statements and add the words ‘HOW TO GO ABOUT’ before each sentence, then free-write.


HOW TO GO ABOUT Attracting the right kind of clients

  • Use your existing network and ask for referrals
  • Explore partnerships; where else are your ideal clients?
  • Talk about your point of view, what you believe in, what p*sses you off
  • Talk about how you help get clients from A to B
  • Talk about your credentials; what have you already created, what results have you had

Step 4: Get writing/recording!
Now, you have 16 statements (8 struggle & 8 desire) that you’ve fleshed out with bullet points! Use these to draft at least 16 amazing pieces of content; each focused around a specific issue!  

Easy eh? In fact, this article was created using the exact same method – and it took me half the time to write!!

From each of these long-form blogs you can create a series of social posts, record video content, go live. You could create an infographic based on just one bullet point, highlight your message with an IG story, or like me, send it to your email list!

And as you get into your groove you’ll find it gets easier and easier to create. 

And tell me, was this useful? Do you love a formula or prefer to freestyle?  Have a plan or write whatever’s in your head that day?

If you struggle with creating content, or being seen I’ve got you. Jump on a connection call with me and let’s get you unblocked!