Help! I hate using social media, can I market my business without it?


This is the Q that popped into my inbox last week.

And this is my response

“Sure you can love, it’s your business and you can market it any which way you damn like!”

The end. 

Now, I’m all for being straight-up with clients, but I don’t think I’d have many left if I was always that blunt and unhelpful?  So I wrote this blog for my lovely client, and, if you’re a bit anti-social media too, for you. 

This is a two-part blog; to cut straight to tips on how to grow your business without relying on social media, read here. But, before you scoot off, let’s dig in a bit as to why you’re a social hater…maybe I can change your mind?

Why not social media?

What is it about social media that you’re so anti?

  • Is it the time/energy it takes?
  • Is it the haters?
  • Is it that it’s hard to stand out? 

Let me address each of these and see if we can reframe your anti-stance.

Now love it or hate it, social media is most definitely where your prospective clients are hanging out; it’s where they go for entertainment, education, and inspiration. And for us, small biz owners social media is a relatively simple and straightforward way to build relationships. 

But, hell yeah. it does have its challenges…

It can take a lot of time & energy

Yup we know social is a time suck. 

And frankly, we didn’t need to watch The Social Dilemma to know that these platforms are designed to keep us scrolling with a quick hit of dopamine every time we get a notification. 

But, let’s take back some control from Zuckerberg & co. 

If you’re worried about spending all your time and marketing energy on social platforms, here’s my advice. 

  • It might take some willpower (and removal of the apps from your home screen) but focus on growing your audience on one social media platform only (two, if you’re not yet sure where your audience are hanging out) 
  • Write or publish your post and then get on with your day.  Turn off your notifications, don’t check your phone – the ROI on this activity is a big fat zero! The key is to remove the temptation to keep checking for feedback. Don’t get too attached to the outcome and treat it like an experiment. If your post disappears without a single like, share, or comment consider why. Put yourself in your viewer’s shoes. 
  • Instead of checking your phone every 5 mins, schedule a small block of time to check your business pages, respond to comments and send some love to your audience. I take 10 mins at the end of my working day.

10 mins a day? You can do it.

But what if I get nasty comments on social media?

The haters. Yup, they’re gonna hate. But in my years of growing a business, I’ve never once had a comment that’s made me cry into my cuppa. Sure, some of the feedback has challenged my point of view. But, that’s OK, when you have a point of view it should be challenged.  

But let me get a little deep here, if you come from a place of doing good, you care about your audience and you really want to help, then 

a) chances are your good intentions are going to pass into the fibre optic cables and neutralise any negative vibes that may be stirring.  And

b) if you focus on the way your content helps people, then you don’t give a hoot if 1 out of 20 comments is not entirely positive. 

Don’t be too attached to the outcome of your post, just show up with good vibes, and don’t let the fear of something that probably won’t happen stop you from sharing what you know. 

Now if you have a straight-up fear of being visible in your business, that’s a different matter. Click here for some soothing words on overcoming fear.

My news feed is too cluttered. How can I stand out on social?

M’friend, the world is cluttered. There’s 7.7 billion people on this planet. So how do you stand out in real life? By being yourself. By having a point of view, by being someone’s go-to for advice, support, love, friendship, guidance. 

I have a question. How are you social when you’re not on social? 

I’m guessing you listen to people, say nice things from the heart, ask questions, share things about yourself, show people you care, help out, give information, make connections. Am I right? If so, simply take these offline behaviours online and use them online to build relationships. 

And like all beautiful relationships, it starts with getting to know people.

I will keep saying it, but you need to know more about your audience.

In order to be social you need to say something that’s interesting, relevant, helpful…and have a point of view. Be bold, stand the f*ck out, have the courage to say something different and unique. Not just rehash what the other gurus spout  (I know this scares you, but look inwards to why you’re in business, what do you care about and what you want YOUR readers to know)

Share your HURI (helpful, unique, relevant, interesting) content, let it settle, judge it impassionately and then keep tweaking. 


Please, please don’t keep adding to the noise. We don’t need any more noise. 

Look, I’m not a huge social fan. It can be a toxic, nasty place and like that crazy houseparty I had when I was 14, full of idiots! But it can also be a place to meet like-minded folk, build a community, learn from others and get found. You can explore your creative side and let people see the person behind the business.  

But do me a favour, treat social as one part of your marketing mix. Don’t rely on it. Go out and talk to people, build partnerships, encourage referrals, reconnect with past clients. (Read part 2 of this series to learn how to do this)

Go on, get out there and be social.