Smile, confidence

What does success mean to you dear reader? 

Is it more clients, more time to yourself, more money, more impact?
Whatever ‘more’ looks like for you, at the root of achieving the above is confidence.
Confidence to price yourself, your time, and services to give you the life you want.

And of all the entrepreneurial hurdles to get over, this one can feel pretty darn high.
Agree? Read on.

I was chatting to a business bestie last week about our work and how much joy it brings us.
Yes, she sighed, I love my work, I just wish I had more money. This beautiful soul who does amazing, important work for women around the globe is barely scraping by. It’s sad, but perhaps not surprising.
Through my own experience and chatting to clients I’ve come to understand that;

The amount we charge for our services is directly related to our level of self-confidence.

Many biz owners – and, let’s be frank, it’s usually us ladies, massively over-deliver and under-charge. And that generally leads to poor-fit clients, resentment, and for some, back to a J.O.B

It happened to me in 2019.
I was a pretty crap businesswoman.
I was discounting my time – even if not asked, I was shying away from money conversations and going way over what I’d promised clients (classic overservicing)

I just didn’t value myself or what I did. But if I didn’t value myself how on earth would anyone else?

So I did the only thing I knew how to do, and I fled back to corporate ????

Luckily, for me the job didn’t last very long!!

And after some pencil-chewing and naval-gazing, I discovered a mindset coach (big up Grace Howes) and together we established some habits to make feel valued and valuable.

All of which I continue to do today.

if you resonate with this tale of overcommitting, undercharging and overdelivering, give these a go…


1. Get yourself a Rave Book!
This one is all about learning to appreciate what you bring to the party.
I use it remind myself of how far I’ve come, how much I give and how much I get in return.

  • At the front of the book free-write about what you and your business accomplish. How do you help your clients? How do you make a difference, what do you help clients do? What’s the impact of your work?
  • Use the space inside to record raves and praise from clients. Every time someone says something fab about you on social or via your inbox, jot it down. Every time you get a testimonial, scribble it in your book. Heck I even made a note about something I overheard a past client say about me (it was v complementary!)

How I use the Rave Book?
Just before hopping onto a call with a prospective client, or making an offer, I take a quick look at the book. I like to remind myself how people see me, their truth, how I helped them, and what they experienced.
It’s like a shot of pure confidence!!

2. Record your wins
Reading lovely stuff about you does give a boost to your sense of worth, but it can be short-lived. Real self-belief comes from deep within and the identity you ascribe to yourself. Recording your wins helps to cut through your self-doubt and give actual factual evidence as to why you have what it takes!

  • At the end of the day take 5 mins to jot down ‘things I accomplished that felt good’
  • And, at the end of the week, scroll through, review and soak it all up

This small act has produced big results for me.
It shifted my identity from playing at business to committed, bold entrepreneur.

???? It has shown me I can have difficult conversations,

???? It has shown me I can set a price and justify it, cos I really do know my stuff,

????It has shown me which clients I love to work with, and how much I enjoy writing web copy!!

(If you’re thinking all this sounds like a pain in the ar*e, I hear ya! I avoided these tasks for weeks, until coach Grace kicked me up the bum – I’m so glad she did)

So, this is me kicking you up the bum ????????

If you’re having trouble charging your worth, if you discount to get the client – then massively resent it – or spend way too long trying to persuade people to work with you, try these habits for 30 days. 

And if you need me to kick you up the bum, and help you build self-belief, hop on a free call with me x