You’ve heard it many times over folks, it’s flipping hard to stand out online. 

Or is it?

This may be a lie peddled by trad marketing or business coaches to get you to buy their courses on personal branding, 6 steps to 6 figures, or how to become internet famous (ugh)

(And please, unless these coaches are helping you to unleash the full-fat, technicoloured version of yourself, stay clear)

But, let me share what I know.

It isn’t that hard to stand out online, but it is hard to be yourself online.

When you’re new in business you look around to see what others are doing, take cues from them, heck even copy them, and that’s OK.

( I believe imitation comes before innovation. Click here to read my thoughts on this.)

Remember we don’t toddle out of our 9 to 5s with the playbook on How to be Courageous and Authentic, we have to write our own.

So, how do we do that?

It starts with recognising you are the ONLY.

The only one who has your experience, your skills, your credentials wrapped in your blend of curiosity, passion, and personality.

The problem is, so many of us feel we need to hide these things cos they don’t fit in with what our peers, ex-boss or colleagues think our business should be about, should say or offer. We’re fearful of fucking up, making a fool of ourselves.

But to what end?  To create another vanilla business, offering the same things in the same ways to the same people, so the only thing that differentiates us from the others is the price point?

No my friend, different is better than better.

Here’s a wee vid that explains how you are the best, even though you don’t quite get it…yet.


For privacy reasons YouTube needs your permission to be loaded.

I Accept


Here are some juicy Qs I ask clients when we’re trying to get to why they are the best.

What are you an expert in?
What challenges have you overcome, what lessons learned, what have you been paid for, or what do people seek your advice on?

What mission are you going on? And how do you wanna deliver that?
Don’t get freaked out by the mission word, it doesn’t have to be worthy of Mother Theresa; to be home for the kids or to retire my partner are flipping wonderful missions.  And what vehicle are you using to get there? Copywriting, coding, spiritual coaching?

If you’ve had clients before, tell me about your favourites
Who are they, what sticky situation were they in, what did you help them with, and what makes them such a perfect fit for you?

Why you? Do you share your ideal client’s story/history?
If so, what’s that story? If not why do you care so much about helping your ideal clients?

When we have some of these down on paper we think about how to infuse them into their business and marketing….’hey client’ I ask….

  • How can we launch your mission and find the people who need to hear it. Where are they hanging out, who do they already connect with?
  • Where can you share your story to build connection and trust?
  • How can you make your work a true, authentic expression of you and what you love?

My lovely clients and I take time to think outside the box, be contrarian, and build a category of one where their uniqueness attracts the right kind of people, their people. This I enourage you to do, either with your journal and a cuppa, or with a buddy.

Why? cos this stuff is at the root of a sustainable, differentiated business that stands out online, offline, all the time. 

Good luck x