Introducing Rae the Creator

Let me introduce you to Rae the Creator.

Rae looks like me, sounds like me, she cares about the same stuff as me, but inside she’s just a little bit extra.

Rae is my alter-ego, she’s the me that’s helping me to achieve my big life dreams. 

Are you thinking this is just another version of fake it till you make it?  The notion that if you wear the big girl pants you eventually become the big girl? Nope, I don’t think it is.

I tried the ‘fake it’ approach. 

In my corporate life, I adopted the power pose, put on the red lippy and the pencil skirt, and kept up with the football scores so I could join in with the boardroom chats. But every time I did this, I felt crappy, this persona I had created felt flimsy and any hits of confidence I received were short-lived –  I didn’t believe in or want to be that person. 

In 2018 I skipped out of corporate life and into entrepreneurship. 

I was bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and couldn’t wait to have my first 6 figure year!

But, I struggled. This running-your-own-business shit was hard. 

It seemed like all the behaviors that had helped me achieve success in my 9 to 5, like

Blending in

Accepting the status quo

Looking to others to define my worth

were useless in my new life. 

On many occasions, I was ready to jack it all in and flee back to the corporate comfort zone, until Jim Fortin, an expert in subconscious transformation and his free Be Do Have training dropped into my inbox.  Now, I don’t reckon this concept of Be Do Have was new to me at that point, I was big on personal development, but with my entrepreneurial vision in the balance, it was like I was hearing it for the first time. 

Transformation happens from the inside out, not outside in. 

At the heart of Be Do Have is the notion that to achieve big things in life you have to first BEcome the person who achieves big things. In short, any success you want – wealth, love, health – is a result of your thoughts, behaviors, and habits which are driven by your subconscious identity. 

In my case, my subconscious identity, who I was BEing, was that of a worker bee. And I was DOing the things a worker bee does – not putting myself out there, taking all the courses so I’d be rewarded, waiting for someone to give me permission to start creating. 

No wonder I didn’t HAVE a successful business.

The gamechanger came via these three questions:

Who would I be?

How would I feel?

And what would I do?

If I already had a successful business. 

In much the same way Beyonce adopted Sasha Fierce and Bowie took on Ziggy. I started to show up as Rae the Creator.

Rae creates opportunities everyday to show up and connect with people.

She knows the value of her work and is proud of all she’s accomplished. 

She is generous and kind, but also has firm boundaries around her time and energy.

She loves to experiment and play in her business.

And she loves making money, so she tracks every number. 

Adopting an alter ego isn’t about just putting on the lippy or the statement earrings (though these signify that Rae is out to play) It’s not about becoming what you’re not. It’s about recognising the characteristics within yourself that set you up for success – in my case commitment, self-integrity, courage – and turning them up to 11.

And we can all do that.

Whatever you want in life, look around you, in your personal network or newsfeed. Who has the things that you want? What personality traits do they have, what do they value? Then find those things within yourself and surface them. Embody them everyday.

If it’s possible for me it’s possible for you. 

“I pretended to be somebody I wanted to be until, finally, I became that person. Or he became me.” Cary Grant


Like Cary here, I’m just looking forward to the day I can retire Rae the Creator and be Rachael, because I know that they are one and the same – and they are both pretty badass!

If you struggling to get underneath the characteristics of a successful and happy biz owner, you’re welcome to pick my brain. Jump on a free connection & clarity call here